Its Here…MidCoast Music Vol.1

Well Its Friday and yes you know what today is. Here is it, Midcoast Music Vol.1 Click one of the many links below and download it for FREE!!! Yes I’m giving it away to you’s for free. Some may call it a Mixtape but I call it a album or a EP of some sort that just happens to be mix as in every track is blended. I’m taking a different approach to this series so keep a eye pealed for Vol.2 As some of you may notice, that some of these songs are unreleased and never heard. These are just plain Exclusive…. Make sure u pass the link on and let everyone know and be sure to hit me up and let me know what you think. Enjoy…Mr.Official AkA E.L.I.

Track List
1- Intro/Midcoast Music- DJ.E.L.I. & Marz
2- Cameras In The Sky- Rope 30
3- What It Izzz- 108 (Big Ez & Sonny Black)
4- You Tweek- Hi! $peed & Henny B
5- Believe It- Ace Mac
6- Playa Like Me- Wayne Taylor
7- All That She Wants- Lyon
8- Hope- RPM & Akon
9- My Ride (Remix)- Jeremiah & Pack




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