Whats Going On!!!!!!!

Happy Friday my people Just stoping by quick to say whats up and see whats good. As some of you can see things are starting to come together here on the site I got new pages i’m working on and reviews i’m doing as well. This weekend is a very pack weekend for me catch me mixing @ RadioStar, Three Boutique, and Sangria. As well as fliming will be taking place as the Billion Dollar Ballers Marz,Pack,Hi $peed, and my slef will be shoting the video for “Do What You Do”..SO be on the look out for that. Last week we showed up and did a quick cameo on J Dotts set for his Video “He So Cocky” Which can be seen here
http://vimeo.com/4879237 Eveyone came thru and held it down, you see the whos whos in chicago hiphop in this video. Keep you eye out for us in the video, shot out to Reap for Shoting a good video. On that note Hope yous have a safe weekend if u in the chi hope to see you at one of the events. Holla!!!!!!!


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