Well Well what’s good yall. As for those of you that have been following me on twitter, I mention that the Billion Dollar Ballers had a new studio that was being built. Well it’s officially done and up and running thanks to Hector and his team they snap and did a good job. Well as I pulled a all nighter making sure the hardrives were set up and what not to our recording system I bump into a track Marz did that no one has heard. When he is in the studio him and Packmizzle turn out so many track and some get scrap. But this track I was not going to let slip by. Marz went after the industry in this one. As some of you recall Marz,Pack, Hi! $peed and myself caused some controversy on twitter with the #killyourself callin out fake rappers and just plan fake ass fronting people…Well I’m sure this track will spark off some shit. He don’t even know I jack it off the drive but I’m his dj so I can do that U Dig!!!! ..Ohh yea…I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!






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