Here you go the album art work for the highly anticipated Marz solo release REVELATION…Which drops this year on 11/11/11 thats right NOVEMBER 11TH 2011..This marks Marz 6th solo album release of his career. But not to add hype,fluff, and all that other goofy flare fake talk, this release is his most highly anticipated by fans of his style of music..For those of you that don’t know, each single release that Marz has came out with tales what’s going on in his life at that moment in time. With this album Marz is ahead of the curve again with his style and is sure to be worth the wait and price when it comes out…(Little Baby on the Cover is actually Marz when he was about 2yrs old and yes the pistol is real)



  1. Its supposed to come out today, but how do i get a copy??? I have been looking, but cant find it anywhere.

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