Letter To Rope

Happy Holidays everyone hope life has been great to you..I wanted to take a second and show yall a video from my fellow Block Ceo brother Sonny Black from 108/MoneyTeam/A-Gang The boy is a problem I tell you. With punchlines and bars for days!!! He took the time to do a track in our brother ROPE 30 memory,  called “Letter To Rope”, this track is written well and it is deep as hell..If you had the chance to know Rope and or do work with him as I had the chance to, this will hit you hard. This brought me back soo soo many memories of us kicking it in the studio, joking around  and him spiting to me the knowledge of life..Rope always had a way to make you turn a negative into a positive..I never forget the day we wore in the BDB studio and I  had told him I hated getting called “Eli’s Cheese Cake” and he said “Man E dont trip, you are Cheese Cake, U get that Cheese(Money) and U get that Cake(girls) LOL and from there on out he would call me cheese cake and I took the saying from being negative to being positive..When ever I fell that I want to hear his voice I always throw on some of his music, thats the great thing about him being a artist. No matter if hes gone you can always throw on a track and he’s right in your ear…Floss In Peace 30 The God…Peep the video below



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