Starting my career as a live DJ for Billion Dollar Ballers Entertainment, I have quickly become one of the most popular and well respected DJs in the nation. Not only do I continue to tour nationally with such acts as MARZ, Tech N9ne & Paul Wall, but I have also conquered one of the largest nightlife scenes in the world. With such credentials as Excalibur, Sangria, RadioStar, Zentra, Ontourage, VLive, Privilege and many many more, I have made myself a staple in the Chicago club scene, working alongside such world renowned Djs as DJ Nonstop, DJ Flipside, Dj Nephets and others. Rest is not an option with the busy schedule that I have and take on, on a daily basis. Aside from my rigorous club and touring schedule, I handle private gigs such as Weddings & Corporate functions. I also put out my own mixtapes as well. My highly popular “2 Hot 2 Handle/2 Cold 2 Hold” mixtape series has become a stage for me to showcase my broad range of mixing techniques over multiple genres of music. From mashing mainstream artists with up and coming artists to combining such musical styles as hip hop, pop, top 40, reggaeton, bachata, freestyle, house, progressive, euro, etc. I have also work in radio as a radio personality for Fearless Radio on a show called “The Billion Dollar Baller Show”. I have held sponsorships with such company’s as Crunk Energy Drink, 99 Riches clothing, Red Bull and Tits Clothing (Two In The Shirt). I have also widened my portfolio to include producing and remixing.

E-L-I Shoot


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  1. Whadup E.L.I. just stop’n by 2 show ya sum love my dewd! I see ya, like I said we need 2 link. I got 30mins of me just spittin, it can be turned into a nice promo mixtape if ya wanna host it. You can just spin & scratch while I spit

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